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● Honest and trustworthyIt is a foundation which sets up the enterprise, it is enterprise's management strategy too. Cai Zhou companies from entrepreneurial start to today's scale, are the enterprise's "good faith" concrete expression to product quality and "brand" on the inseparable. Thus, the "sincere hospitality, in good faith to survive l" as a whole CaiZhou's goal to pursue

● Who is the enterprise's most valuable resource, the manager of the most effective way is through the role of cultural symbols and implied, with corporate values to guide human behavior in favor of adoption of their individual and team potential to achieve business objectives direction. To this end, CaiZhou "do first, after work" as the employees man, an important principle of doing things. For staff to raise awareness in terms of ideology, to play a staff ownership, so that employees in real life, at work truly feel that they are CaiZhou, a member of the family, the masters of the enterprise

● Innovation Of life because of innovative and dynamic human society for innovation, continuous improvement. "CaiZhou" experience of 16 years to enrich and reform, innovation, make the enterprise full of vigor and vitality, business is booming, access to many domestic and international users of CaiZhou brand acceptance and recognition. Similarly, the formation and development of CaiZhou enterprise culture, it is with the enterprise reform and development, and constantly enrich and innovation. Therefore, the spirit of enterprise CaiZhou is "continuing to innovate."

● Winning by quality Quality - is the enterprise's life. Cai Zhou full implementation of the implementation of ISO9001 international quality system, as always, adhere to "create high-quality brand, so customer satisfaction" and quality policy. Customers to keep their promises to implement a comprehensive internal quality management advocate the product as a craft to do, and strive to excellence, and strive to achieve high standards of product quality requirements, ensure to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service. Broaden the domestic and foreign markets for enterprise products provide strong support and a solid foundation.