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Dealers join conditions:

First, the "CaiZhou" business philosophy recognized and is willing to with the "CaiZhou" go hand in hand and open up markets at the same time is willing to actively cooperate with the market operation and promotional activities. Second, recognize and abide by, "CaiZhou" Dealer Manual, and other relevant policies and regulations Third, the annual performance, the number of terminals (including the store / shop in shop) made a commitment and have the ability to achieve this goal (including human resources, public relations, financial resources, etc.). Fourth, dealers are independent economic entities, can independently assume the risk of the nation's responsibility. Fifth, in the prominent location of display hall (flagship stores, specialty shops, shop in shop), and in accordance with standards consistent with the company showing the terminal fitting. Sixth, the Exhibition Hall (district) within the display, and all sales "CaiZhou" brand of products, decorative kept for at least two years. Seventh, the products of "CaiZhou" are the main products of this company, have very high loyalty to the brand. Eighth , sanitary products in the sales experience Ninth, have well-trained professionals-store service and sales teams, including the manager, after-sales service, engineering and distribution personnel. Tenth, be able to provide timely in line with "CaiZhou" requirement and the demand for a variety of customer service 11th,have abundant person pulse resources, good relation and ability of linking up in the locality 12th, with the "CaiZhou" communication and feedback, both sides are subject to the written form, all the material in marketing year is valid. 13th,to develop a "CAIZHOU" The regional outreach programs and the implementation details with the regional manager together. 14th, the account coming and going is clear, the fund gets to deliver.


Dealers obligations and responsibilities:

First, as a "CaiZhou" business partners, if the market competitors in any activities, they should immediately message back to the "CaiZhou," and asked to fill in the market on a regular basis according to the company form in order to "CaiZhou" can make the appropriate timely market operations. Second, the "CaiZhou" in any promotional activities and promotion programs, dealers must strictly abide by the rules, and the enthusiastic support and unconditional help. Third, in order to improve the "CaiZhou" brand's image, the dealer must follow the provisions of a unified national sales price, the dealer without the written application and to be "CaiZhou" allow, can not tamper with a minimum retail price (to obtain "CaiZhou" unless the written consent). Fourth, dealers must store their business management, including cleaning shops and exhibition samples used, in order to improve the "CaiZhou" brand image. Fifth, the dealer to configure at least one dedicated to "CaiZhou" product promotion, model installation, service, storage, finance, shopping guide and others, engaged in "CaiZhou" products all-round services. Sixth, ensure "CaiZhou," the exhibition hall, can only be installed "CaiZhou" products, and to maintain clean hall, all kinds of exhibition props should be intact. Seventh, dealers receive "CaiZhou" any sales policies (for example: promotional activities, Clearance Operations, etc.) and market policies (for example: change the product mix, Display decoration, etc.), should be required. Eighth, the dealer has the responsibility to "CaiZhou" requirement for "CaiZhou" products provide the perfect after-sales service. In the after-sales service process, must be the first time on consumer complaints dealing with product quality issues, if the user due to product quality problems caused direct economic losses, they must be identified and provide on-site photos. All the quality of the products in question must be reported by the "CaiZhou" area manager for examination and approval, the parties allowed to Return Ninth, the dealers are responsible for the development of distributors, provide detailed information and carry out supervision and for each channel distributors provide sales support. Tenth, dealers are actively cooperate with the full "CaiZhou" marketing personnel work obligations.